What does the future of education look like in Ontario?

At a time when we desperately need a vision for the future, Bill 115 delivers a blow to what should be the most fundamental piece of our education system - having great teachers in every classroom.

By making hiring decisions based on seniority, without regard for performance or fit, we will lose great teachers and erode the quality of education which will reduce earning potential and slow economic growth in Ontario.

The Putting Students First Act enacts regulations that have unintended consequences on the quality of education, overstates savings, and hurts our children.

Seniority hiring excludes performance and attitude from hiring decisions

Only the 5 most senior teachers applying for a permanent position are interviewed.
Reg 274 - 7. (3)

Only the 5 senior teachers applying for a long-term position are interviewed.
Reg 274 - 6. (3)

Diagnostic testing control moved to teachers.
Memorandum Of Understanding - Section K

Extraordinary measures suspend Canadian Charter guarantees

Courts can't question any conditions made by the Education Minister under this Act.
Bill 115 - 15. (1)

Labour Relations Board can't check if orders conflict with the Human Rights Code.
Bill 115 - 14. (1)

Contract terms mandated and strikes illegal.
Bill 115 - 4. (1) | Bill 115 - 8. (4)

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